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What's New with Kool 1.19.0: Larave Octane preset, Composer V2

Checkout the highlights of what was shipped in the latest Kool release 1.19.0.

kool is a free, open source CLI tool that makes local development with Docker super easy. Learn more.

There's a new preset available for setting up a new project with Laravel Octane using Swoole as the server engine in a dockerized local environment in instants.

kool create laravel+octane my-app

The command above is going to:

  • Set up a fresh Laravel project in the my-app created folder
  • Will install Laravel Octane package
  • Will setup docker-compose.yml proper settings to run Octane with Swoole
  • Then it will offer you the choice to add a database, cache (Redis), and what JS package control you want to use (either npm or yarn.)

Check out this Asciinema with the whole experience:

You can then access your localhost in the browser and see Laravel initial page.

That's it! With a single command you get a full-featured Docker-based local environment to work with Laravel Octane.

It's been a while now since Docker moved to Composer V2, which is built into Docker itself and no longer requires the secondary docker-compose binary or Python script to manage a set of containers. Now, kool relies exclusively on Composer V2 and will throw an error if you are using an outdated version of Docker that doesn't have the docker compose subcommand available.

Thank you for checking out the highlights on this release! In case you have any problems or need help, make sure to reach out either by creating an issue on GitHub or by joining us on the Kool official Slack workspace to seek help from the maintainers and the community.
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