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Embark on Cloud Excellence: Cloud Available for Everyone!

We are thrilled to announce that Cloud is now generally available! Join today and be a part of the excitement! Cloud has finally been released to the public. After countless hours of development and almost 2 years of running and improving the service with a closed audience of partners, you can now try the Developer Experience for moving containerized apps to the cloud that we have designed.

You can easily get started and move your Docker Compose based projects to a Kubernetes (AWS EKS) cluster via a streamlined interface with the developer experience you've always dreamed about.

The whole goal of the project is to enhance the developer experience — a goal that came from our own needs of empowering and optimizing the development workflow of teams of various sizes and different stacks and backgrounds. This was while working as architects at an outsourcing agency, overseeing several different projects.

Developer Experience is a nice-sounding term, but what does that mean? Is it just a cliché or rhetorical marketing? Not for us. It means decreasing cognitive load and creating standards to deliver value out of the box by removing obstacles that we observed our teams faced repeatedly. Obstacles that drained time and energy, so something had to be done about it.

We wanted to build something that made the adoption of Docker containers as easy as possible across teams. And we created something for that — the CLI tool. And it worked!

As we built the Kool CLI with Presets for local environments on multiple stacks and frameworks, the next step was clear for us. How to move that workload to the cloud with the same sort of experience.

We have built around the CLI a new set of commands that allow you to easily navigate the once turbulent waters of Kubernetes and deploying containers to the cloud.

  • kool create or kool preset - setting up a local Docker Compose based project.
  • kool start - spin up the containers.
  • kool run or kool exec - run tasks from kool.yml and commands to avoid custom shell scripts.
  • kool share - expose your work so someone can access over the internet your local environment.
  • kool recipe - Docker helpers for common tasks to tailor your local environment.
  • Sign up and set up a super simple Team + Project structure, getting the access token for that project.
  • kool cloud setup - helper to tweak your deployment-specific configuration.
  • kool cloud deploy - deploys your application to the cloud. CLI and its companion projects are open source and available for everyone - learn more and try them today to enhance your DX to work with containers. Cloud is available today. Early testers and adopters will receive credit during a trial period to try out our platform.

We will be improving the Developer Experience as we collect more feedback from early adopters and will start publishing tutorials to help people grasp all concepts and opportunities built into our platform.

Help us by starring our CLI repository on GitHub.
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