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Coming soon: How to deploy and run Docker containers in the Cloud

Teaser: how to deploy Docker Compose apps to the cloud - the best way. Join today. Cloud public release is around the corner. After a couple of years of internal development and closed offering, we are ready to step into the wide, wide world. Come with us!

Always wanted to deploy Docker containers to the cloud without losing your mind? Same here. That is why we built Cloud, to aid ourselves on running our clients' projects. And we think others - like you - could like it too.

Kool mission is to help developers in their daily jobs, becoming more productive and especially healthier when dealing with the Ops part of DevOps. Kool Cloud service comes to really take a stab on the Platform as a Service landscape, aiding developers world to work with web applications deployed in containers to production in a way they would expect it to be - simple and solid.

Does it get better? It's a full abstraction moving your local Docker Compose apps to a full fladged Kubernetes cluster. You can use our shared cluster for testing, and you have the option to Bring Your Own Cloud if you want control over your data for compliance - we will offer the service to set up and manage the Cloud Kubernetes cluster in your own AWS account.

If you would like to test Cloud:

  • Register at for earlier access to the cloud services - on boarding expected for January 2024 (with trial test period).

Stay tunned:

Thank you, see you in the cloud!

Published Dec 25, 2023


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