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As an open source project we are always providing constant feedback to our community. The path ahead will be walked together to make software development better for teams around the world.

Our project roadmap currently focuses on housekeeping, making features stable, improve developer UX and writing first class documentation - all aiming at a broader public marketing launch. It is loosely defined but clear for everyone in the project.

About DX - developer experience

Helping developers adopt advanced tools to make their day to day work a breeze while solving the inherent complexies behind the scenes is the goal for our UX ambitious plans. Smart error handling, fix suggestions and clear messages is core to this.

Meanwhile there are lots of use cases on more complex applications that need to be worked on. A good example is how to run multi-projects applications - while possible right now requires a deeper understanding of Docker Compose networking in order to achieve so.


Communicating clearly is a must. Having great resources to quickly learn and find what you need is the differential we are looking for.


  • Late 2020 had a great focus on testing coverage, reaching 90%. More feature kept been added.