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As an open-source project, we aim at always providing constant feedback to our community. The journey ahead will be walked together to make software development better for teams around the world.

Welcoming feedback

After our early 2021 push on documentation and DX improvements, we reached a point where publicity started happening for the open-source product, which makes us visible and under the scrutiny of a wider audience than we ever had before. The feedback we get at this moment is extremely valuable and welcomed. It most certainly will weigh in on the following rounds of product iterations.

Providing support through our Slack channel is a key component, where we can talk directly with you and learn and teach as often as possible. Feel free to join and say Hello.

All about DX - developer experience

This is a core mantra for our roadmap, as we may tackle different faces of it at a time, it all resumes to a single point: having a great helping developer experience for you and your team.

Helping developers adopt advanced tools to remove the struggle with local environments, making context switch between projects a breeze while solving the inherent complexities behind the scenes is the goal for our UX ambitious plans. Smart error handling, fix suggestions and clear messages are core to this.

As we currently made Docker environments management easy for many teams around the world, we are aiming now at covering more complex use cases - running multiple microservices at the same time, end-to-end testing, environment health analysis amongst others.


Communicating clearly is a must. Having great resources to quickly learn and find what you need is the differential we are looking for. We will always be looking at expanding and improving existing documentation. Help is very welcome.


  • Early 2021 was focused on documentation writing along with a lot of tests and DX tweaks.
  • Late 2020 had a great focus on testing coverage, reaching 90%. More features kept been added.